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Are you a parent of a 4-10 year old learner looking for an alternative to traditional education? Connect with us to learn more about Wythe Academy!


Top Wythe Questions

The tuition rate for each learner is $12,000/yr.

  • 1/2 Day 4 year old Studio $5995/yr
  • Homeschool Experience $975/yr
  • Homeschool Family $1480/yr

Siblings of current learners are offered a 20% discount.

A one-time administrative fee of $500 is required of each family upon enrollment.

Tuition assistance is available to families on a need basis. Wythe Academy partners with TADS for this program. Please inquire to learn more about this option!

Though Wythe Academy is not an authentic Montessori school, we respect and incorporate Maria Montessori’s philosophies about children and learning.  We use Montessori elements such as mixed-age studios, choices within limits, large blocks of work time, learning through discovery, and freedom of movement in the studio to help create a rich and stimulating environment.

Our ratio can be from 10:2 to 20:2.

Yes, Wythe Academy staff along with guardian input will evaluate the learner to decide whether they are ready to attend the full-day self-directed learning model. You may register for a full-day evaluation on the Head of School’s calendar.

Guides prepare the environment and equip learners to become helpful members of the community. While they offer choices and ask questions whenever developmentally appropriate, they are engaging in a Socratic discussion. In keeping with Montessori philosophy, Guides observe and follow the child.

Guides try to avoid answering questions. Utilizing the Socratic method, they ask questions or offer choices.

Learners work towards mastery in their Learning to Learn (core skills), Learning to Do (Quests projects), and Learning to Be (character development) goals. While the Elementary Studio will utilize a badge system in which learners progress from level to level through peer accountability, the Spark Studio uses Transparent Classroom, Quest, and Exhibitions to measure academic growth. To measure academic achievement, each session ends with a public Exhibition to showcase the Studio’s learning experiences to parents and the community. Parents and the community are encouraged to challenge the learners with questions after the presentation.

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