At Our Acton Academy, Every Child Is A Genius With The Potential To Change The World.

This year our Spark Studio will host three Open Houses and Exhibitions showcasing all their hard work in the studio. Join us by registering below!

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School Events
May 09
Our Mission

Wythe Academy is an Acton Academy designed to serve our community through a learner-driven environment.

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We Are Part Of

The Acton Academy Network Of Independent Affiliates.

With More Than 300 Locations And Growing, Acton Is Turning Learning Upside Down Across The United States And Around The World!

Our Core Values

We Are Committed to...

Learning Over

Guides prepare and uphold a learning environment in which learners are truly in the driver’s seat, using the Hero’s Journey as an overarching narrative.

Honor Each Hero's Journey

We commit to noticing, asking questions, and respecting each child’s pace and unique interests. We allow challenging experiences to shape each learner’s journey, not letting our interference rob them of growth opportunities.

Lead With

We will approach people, ideas, conversations, and even conflict with curiosity, all in the service of learning. We strive to cultivate a culture of wonder in our studios.

Celebrate Our Differences

We strive to create an environment where humans with diverse ideas and backgrounds can thrive. Our intention is always to assume goodwill and to treat everyone with equal dignity and respect.

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Of Parents Say
Their Child Needed Change.
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About Us

A Caring community of Curious Learners

Our disruptive learning model provides an innovative alternative to parents of amazing learners who are ready to grow in curiosity and discovery.

Wythe vs. Traditional education



inspire, equip, and connect learners, acting as game-makers who facilitate learning with thought-provoking questions and real world projects then step out of the way.


drive their own education by setting personalized goals then transparently tracking their progress.


learners move at their own pace in foundational subjects like math, language arts, practical life, and sensorial.


a startup or co-working space where learners choose a work space that supports their learning while working independently or collaboratively with peers.

NO Test/Tracking Success

core subjects learned for mastery while science and the humanities are project-based and work is presented at Exhibitions for public feedback.

NO Homework

learners spend time after school pursuing their passions.


is what the academy feels like – it’s part of the Hero’s Journey. Learning involves failure, allies and mentors, tools, and a final goal.



are the focal point of the classroom and viewed by students as experts and the provider of answers while being an arbiter of right and wrong.


have one teacher lecturing to many students.

Teacher Led

students being taught at the same pace, regardless of their abilities or potential.


institutional building with rows of desks with a teacher lecturing at the front

Test/Tracking Success

pass or fail no in between. Use progress reports and report cards to measure success.


students are given hours of homework that creates stress and tension in the home.


is what school feels like – with bells, shifts, detentions and a one-size-fits-all students approach.
Our Promises

Our Promises To Your Child:

"Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it."

-Albert Einstein