About Us

wythe academy
wythe academy

Spark Studio, Ages 4-6
(PK - 1st Grade)

We believe play is the important work of the child. Our Spark community utilizes a Montessori and play-based learning design with elements of Acton such as growth mindset, overarching questions, and character development. Spark Studio heroes learn to be part of a community with a focus on service, collaboration, curiosity, and creation. Learners develop a strong reading foundation and real-world math sense through Montessori manipulatives.

Elementary Studio, Ages 7-10
(2nd - 5th Grade)

Wythe Academy plans to open an Elementary Studio in Fall 2024. In the Elementary Studio, we equip young heroes with the work ethic and relationship skills to be an independent learner. We do this through core skills such as reading, communication, math challenging games, long-term projects, Quests, and Exhibitions that involve goal-setting and teamwork.


Hi there! We’re the Abernethys —

Ty, Kristen, Quinn, and Watson. We’re Atlanta natives, turned New Yorkers, who’ve since returned to Atlanta and settled down in Grant Park.

Ty and Kristen are entrepreneurs, and Kristen is also a nurse. Ty has built two tech startups, and through that process realized how little traditional education equipped him with the skills necessary to thrive in the real world – skills like critical thinking, resiliency, creativity, resourcefulness, and empathy. We were looking for a better model for our kids and were drawn to learner-driven models like Acton Academy and Montessori. We felt a real need in our community for something different, so we embarked on the journey of opening Wythe Academy.

Meet Our Team

renee deabreu

Reneé DeAbreu

Head of School

Londyn Garner


Cheyenne Hanson

Lead Guide
Our Approach

These Principles And Practices Guide Our
Learner-Driven Model At Wythe Academy.

Hero's Journey

This is the primary metaphor for life at Wythe! Along the journey are goals of Learning to Learn, Learning to Do, and Learning to Be. Learners routinely tackle the obstacles of Resistance, Distraction, and Victimization.

Mastery focused

Our learners progress as they display proficiency, allowing them to excel quickly in areas of strength and take their time on more challenging subjects.

Mixed ages

Ability is not determined by age, so in our studios learners work and play alongside children of various ages, interests, skills, and ability levels.

Projects with purpose

We incorporate project-based, collaborative activities, designed to help learners learn by doing and develop interpersonal and leadership skills early on.

Personal Responsibility

We believe children are far more capable than we give them credit for, and so we ask much of them. Learners are trusted to uphold care of self, others, and their sacred studio space.

Socratic Discussions

These discussions take place daily in the Spark and Elementary Studios. They are foundational to the studio environment. We ask a lot of questions at Wythe!